Jen & Derek’s Organic Farm: Belgium Salad

Welcome back!  We are having a fantastic summer so far this year.  So this is the first summer for myself being home with two kids.  Wow, what a difference two vs one makes.  I’ve been scouring my recipe ideas for fast, delicious ideas.

This week I’m pulling out an original recipe that has been passed down through my family from my great-grandparents from Belgium.  I would eat this salad everyday, I love it so much.  Traditionally, this salad has sliced boiled eggs and diced boiled potatoes on top of leaf lettuce.  Since Jen has the most beautiful lettuce mix, I used that this week and Barnyard Organics Eggs.

Sorry for the lack of photos,  I decided to blog this recipe mid meal!

Belgium Salad

For the dressing:

1/4 cup of liquid whole eggs (pasteurized ** the eggs remain raw, so I recommend buying the pasteurized eggs)
1 1/2 cup of canola oil
3 teaspoons of vinegar (apple cider or white)
2 teaspoons of whole grain mustard
1/2 teaspoon of salt (to taste, I like the dressing to taste a little too salty, once it goes on the lettuce, it evens out)

For the salad:

1 bag of Jen’s Mixed greens
6 large boiled eggs, sliced
5 medium boiled potatoes, diced

For the Dressing:
1.  Start with the egg in a large bowl.  Beat on high with a mixer, for a minute or two until frothy and thick.
2.  Slowly start to stream in the oil, alternating with small amounts of vinegar.  Add in the salt and mustard once all the vinegar is added.
3. Continue to mix the dressing until it is thick and creamy.  It should coat the back of a spoon.
*Oil thickens the dressing and vinegar thins the dressing.  You can add more or less vinegar depending on how sour you like it.

For the Salad:
1.  Toss your green with about half of the dressing and continue to add more dressing depending on your taste.  I always end up adding the whole batch.
2.  I prefer to top the salad once on the plate with the potatoes and eggs.
3. The dressing will keep in the fridge for a few days.



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